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Help me plan my first trip to Nuwara Eliya (Questions inside)

Hi people, I am planning on making a trip to Nuwara Eliya on 26th weekend. This is my first time so I am kinda clueless. I am going with my parents.


1. Bus or Train?
Buses I checked online which I could book, looks cheap and convenient . But the problems I will reach there around 5 PM. I am looking forward to go around 12.

Train I am not sure how to take. If anyone think train is easy, tell me how to take!!

2. Hotel
Looking some in

Should I get a cheaper one without breakfast or get an expensive one with breakfast?

There was a nice caravan park near Gregory Park
But I am wondering should I book an hotel close to the city? Closer to few places

4. Food
A buffet in a hotel or restaurant in the city are good?
Any specific places I should be looking for?

5. Traveling
I tried putting some locations on PickMe how ever no tuks it seems. What is the cheapest ways to travel there?
Are tuks metered there?

6. Places to go
Current plans as I saw from google maps
- Lover's leap Waterfall
- Pedro Tea Factory
- Victoria Park
- Galway's Land National Park
- Nuwara Eliya Race Course Ground
- Gregory Park
- Pidurutalagala

Is there anything in specific I should know about going these places?
Anything else you would recommend?

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For traveling. We are offering dio scooters for day rent. Please contact 0777432252 or search Explore rent a bike nuwara eliya. This is the best way to eliminate traffic at this peak period and enjoy views.



Bus / Train - Bus will take around 5.30- 6.30 hours.
Hotel- Try to book and come for the hotels since it is busy time.
Food- There are various food businesses available during April season. Milano is located in nuwara eliya and foods are good there.
Traveling - If you need to rent scooters, available in Explore rent a bike. You can search in google. Three wheelers are not metered. And drivers will demand high prices since it is busy time.
Places to visit - horton place and ambewela also have some nice views.

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