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Oneplus 7

Hi, I'm planning to buy a Oneplus 7 or 7T, checked with few people and got to know there are two versions; Chinese & Global. Chinese comes with Android + HydrogenOS and Global version comes with Andriod + OxygenOS. Someone warned me that the Chinese version is being sold as global after installing the OxygenOS. Appreciate if someone can suggest a reliable place to buy a oneplus 7/7T

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Imtiyaz JR

Hey there, i bought a oneplus 7 from Life mobile Colombo through Daraz. to my knowledge there arent any difference in the both phones, same hardware, hydrogen Os is altered as per china's rules and regulation, without google play services.
Maybe check for Google play services before you buy the phone. I have used Iphones , google pixel, samsung etc but never experienced such smooth software experience oneplus offers and for such affordable price. Camera isnt that good tho.

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