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Relationships and sending pictures

Hi If a guy you’ve been talking to for a few months asks for half naked pictures, and want to sext all the time does that mean he’s only interested in having sex and not interested in having a relationship with you? And would you send pics to him? What should someone in this situation should do?

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Hi Sophia, never send nudes. Ask him if he'll marry you :D if you never hear from him again you know he's just for sex :D jk jk
If that's ALL he texts about, then unlikely he's serious.
Goodluck to u, trust your gut.



Hi Sopia. Well it depends on what you mean by "talking" for a few months. If it's basically a relationship (someone asked the other, the other said yes etc.), & you've been in that for a few months, contrary to "popular SL opinion", that's normal that he might sext or ask for pictures etc. Not all guys do so, some guys will, some won't. Just because the guy does that, doesn't mean he's not serious. It could be a natural progression of your relationship. It's been a few months as you said, & at this stage, this is normal. However one thing is certain, if you aren't "feeling" like sending them or voluntarily engaging in sexting or so on, You shouldn't do so. & maybe there's no spark for you in this whole thing if you aren't "feeling" it. That's a bigger question.

Also be aware, not all guys are honest. Anything you send to another phone can easily be stored, & later leaked if you two broke up in bad terms for some reason. (Happens alot more often than you'd think) Also if the guy isn't technologically competent & doesn't take really good protective measures (like deep encryption) of the photos/files you send, & he needs his phone repaired or so; the people he gives his phone to repair can easily copy & spread those images.

I always say, I'm never against couples in love having all these things, but whatever ya'll wanna do, do it safely in person. A single bad photo leaked can haunt you for quite some time. Unless the guy ticks all the boxes with honesty & technological competence, I won't recommend you doing it. But if in-person things aren't an option, maybe this might be a needed risk for the progression of your relationship.

Sexual tension is a much needed element in a relationship, specially nowadays. Without it, the risk of the relationship failing is, well, quite really high. (that's just the way of the current generation/times).

Good luck!

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