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Seeking cultural experts like professors, curators, historians for digital project on Sri Lanka

Good morning lovely people of Sri Lanka, I know this is not a typical YAMU question but I know there are a lot of people who love Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan culture who regularly visit the YAMU page, so I thought it might be worth a shot…

Who could you recommend for my friend's project?

She will be conducting a digital storytelling immersion into three cultures including Sri Lanka. She would like to delve into the society by documenting the objects that different people use daily and therefore convey their stories and the cultural context through these objects.
For this purpose she would like to make contact with a couple of individuals and/or institutions in Lanka that would serve as advisors and would be available to give her guidance while she is here. These could be institutions (universities), museums, individuals like professors, curators you name it.

Any tips would be massively appreciated!

Cheers, Emy

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call the national museum, national archives and history department university of colombo. u can google the numbers.

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