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Sugar Bistro

Hi :) first off I wanna just say how much I love your site. Honestly-don't know how I survived so long without it-because literally everywhere I wanna go, I do a quick yamu checkup beforehand :)

On that note, my birthday's coming up in about 2weeks and I've got a gathering of around 20 people and I wanna go somewhere very chilled, no loud music or loud gangs of people, just for a cool and calm intimate gathering with dinner and drinks. I've been eyeing the Sugar Bistro for quite some time now and I just read your review of the place and it sounds lovely.

If it's not too much trouble however, would it be possible to tell me around how much of a budget you think should be allocated to fill 20 bundies with just dinner (no drinks)? So mains and tapas :) plus what are the tapas portions like?

A speedy reply would be much appreciated :) thank you!

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Sugar is amazing, easily our go-to spot, one of the only places that does middle-class dining well. The steak sandwich is great. 20 people is a lot of their capacity, be sure to call and book of course, and it may be hard for them on weekends.

Tapas plus main you could do for 1,200 to 2,000 per head, depending. The tapas are pretty big but not mains, you can see some photos on the review (

It's a great place. Not sure if it helps but you could mention YAMU when you call, we think they know the name.

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