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Things to do in Trinco

I am planning to visit Trinco. what can I experience in Pigeon Island. what are activities I can do there? is boat riding safe ?

Any suggestions on other activities or places to see?

Many thanks in advance


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You take a boat there and you can snorkel around (but bring your own snorkel). Besides that you can just swim, try the other side from where you land, there's a nice cove.

If you can, bring some sort of pool shoes. You shouldn't be touching the coral at all, but if you do it hurts.



Thanks Indi. I am traveling with my kids who are of age 3-6. Is sea depth safe for them? will boat crew provide the safety jackets? are there life savers?

for me. is liquor permitted in the island . are there any pubs ?




Hi Mayya!
Yes, the boat crew will provide you with safety jackets. As Indi mentioned in Pigeon island go to the opposite side from where u arrive. That cove is the best place to swim in the Pigeon island. The sea is not deep for some distance. But beware of the corals. Don't take your kids too far. There are no life savers in the pigeon island. Rather than borrowing snorkel from the boat crew for that price you better bring your own snorkel. If you are looking for a little adventure wander along the shores of the island. And if possible try to climb the small hill to the left side.

As it's a Marine National park, no liquor is allowed in the island. But the best place to have a relaxing swim is the Nilaveli mainland shores. The sea is smooth and not deep for quite a distance (best: April - September). It's maintained by the SL Navy and there are several life savers in their post. There are few pubs along the Nilaveli shore. There are so many places to check out in Trinco. Following are a few……
--> Kanniya Hot water wells
--> Fort Fredrick & Swami rock
--> Marble beach
--> Arisi Malai, Pulmoddai ("Rice hill" - beach sand in the shape of rice grains)
& many more……….



You have to check out Fort Frederick. You and the kids can take a stroll through the army base and then check out the temple overlooking the sea.

Marble beach, near China bay, is nice. It has (air force) life guards. In the town itself, there are a number of interesting temples to see.

There is a water park on Upuvelli road near to the 4th mile post (haven't been yet, but I plan on going soon).

Savrodaya, which is located next to the water park, has a family playground. You can let the kids run around for a while and then get a delicious meal of rice and curry from the canteen at Sarvodaya.

There are some interesting grave yards to check out in town itself.

The kids should be provided with safety jackets at Pigeon Island.

As far as liquor goes, ask around in Upuvelli and get your hands on some local Toddy! Delicious!

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