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What is your review of Best Personal Loan Provider in Sri Lanka?

Hey guys,

I understand there is no such thing as the best personal loan interest rate in Sri Lanka. It all depends on factors like your income/monthly salary, age and other eligibility criteria including your credit score.

However, as per the following source - if you look at individual lender profiles rates vary.

Based on your personal experience it would be much appreciated if you can give some inputs to this ?


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Hey Osanda,
As you correctly said, factors such as income, age and other commitments affect when it comes to loan repayments but there are many banks and financial institutes that offer flexible repayment methods.
As a young adult just starting out a business I faced many obstacles in terms of raising finance and luckily stumbled upon a Seylan advertisement. I went through their website and found out that they offer personal loans to people in different demographics to suite a variety of needs. It’s easy and quick to obtain with minimal documentation and offers easy repayment methods as well, especially for youngsters like us.
Visit this link: to find out more about the range of loans and I can assure you will find a good deal.


Mindi R

Hi Osanda,

I do agree with your statement regarding the different factors that affect the interest rates of personal loans. While I do understand there is no such things as best personal loan interest, I did come across the Seylan bank personal loan facility (recommended by a friend) where they offer flexible payment methods and only a minimum of LKR 50,000 monthly income is required to be eligible for a personal loan. They offer very fair interest rates and provided a good quality services. You could check them out or maybe even contact them to get an idea about their loan facilities.

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