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Where can you buy a mouthguard?

I'm looking for one of those ready made ones like a retainer you wear to sleep! especially used if you have a tooth grinding problem etc. I don't want to get it made at the dentist so want to buy it pre-made

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If you want to get a sports mouth guard for this purpose (a lot of people use the same thing for both - sports and teeth-grinding), almost all sports shops, especially the ones focused on Rugby like Agoal in Duplication rd or TotalSports in Kohuwala has them. I'm sure other sports product shops in Bamba, Colpetty has them too

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oh I never thought of a sports shop!! thank you so much! it will look ridiculous but hopefully serve the purpose :) thanks again!

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if u r uncomfortable with sports mouth guard then u can try snoring mouthpiece which can simply found on ebay for less than 500LKR.

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