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Which seafood buffet is better ?

Hi, i wanted to know from cinnamon grands seafood buffet and gall face hotels seafood buffet . which is better ? As i am planning on going.

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Abdallah Fuad

Hilton Colombo's dinners mostly consist of seafood. Oysters, shrimp and all that.
Hilton Colombo is by far the best seafood buffet I have ever had. Calamari and all that. By Gods Grace it was very filling plus a huge variety. Just call them up and see if they still have seafood buffet. I had it at the Graze Kitchen.
Really good and recommend it. Price should be around 4000 with all taxes and charges. But, if you or you take a person who works at Hilton with you. You would get 50% discount which means for two people it would be 4000/=.
I have never tried Galle Face seafood buffet , Cinnamon Grand is the lagoon restaurant.
Don't remember If I had the seafood buffet but, I have had lobster there. Like you can choose and eat.
It was okay. Costs a little bit also.
Seafood wise there are other restaurants too. Ministry of Crab is very good but expensive.
Hilton is good. Try it. I think you may like it.

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