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Are You Naughty Or Nice?

Posted by on 06 December 2016

Are you naughty? Or nice? Or just kind of undecided? Take our quiz, and figure out how big your Christmas loot is going to be!

1. Your parents leave you home alone, you:

2. Someone tells you to listen to a new song, you:

3. Your friend has started watching a TV series that you have been following forever, you:

4. You see a dog on the road, you:

5. Your tuk fare is uneven and neither you nor your driver has change, you:

6. Your friend left their PC without logging out from Facebook, you:

7. What is your favorite Christmas movie?

8. Have you lied to your parents this year?

9. You’re at a party and both you and a stranger are eyeing the last cupcake, you:

10. You see a video online of people reacting to a serious social issue, you: