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Which '90s Cartoon Are You?

Posted by on 06 July 2017

Ah the good old 90s. Before Chota Bheem and other such monstrosities corrupted our beloved cartoon sessions, we had the pleasure of looking forward to shows like Saber Rider, The Carebears, G.I Joe and so on. 
Our very lives revolved around what played for that short one hour at 5 o' clock every day. If you were extra vigilant you could catch a small 20 seconds of Jimmy Neutron at 6AM in the mornings but not before you got a sharp slap to the side of your face and got shipped off to school.

Here's a fun quiz you can take to find out which cartoons represent your personality, while simultaneously taking a short trip down memory lane!

1. You've been invited for this thing. It's a big thing. You can bring a plus one. Do you:

2. You're feeling down. You need a wake up call. What do you do?

3. You're late for work/school. Why?

4. What does your wallet/purse contain?

5. There's a reading at Barefoot. Pick your outfit of choice.

6. You're hungry, but for lies. What snack would you like to sate your rumbling bundi?

7. An ideal weekend would be....

8. There is a fight. What do you do?

9. Finally, you're in charge of throwing a party. How do you do it?


We hope this quiz helps you look into your very soul and discover who you are truly meant to be. In the end, it doesn't matter if you're Franklin or Liono, stay true to thyself and the light will guide you. 
If you have a favourite cartoon that we haven't included, let us know in the comments below.