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Corona Sunrise – refreshing like a morning!

A few weeks ago, we accidentally created a cocktail which we named Corona sunset. But how can there be a sunset without ...

Corona Sour - heavenly mangoes in a cocktail !

When it is the mango season, we enjoy these luscious fruits in many different ways ranging from raw mango achcharu, mang...

Corojito - The Best of both worlds!

We love mojitos, and we love Coronas. So, we thought to bring the best of both worlds together with a refreshing Corona ...

Chicken Cutlets

These crunchy chicken cutlets are delicious and easy to make. Whip them up in a pinch and snack away!

Apple Pie

Here's how to make the perfect apple pie at home, along with some funky colour-changing nails from The Nail Anatomy!

Chicken Caesar Pasta

Jazz up your pasta with this delicious, crunchy twist. Guaranteed to leave you wanting more!

Kulhi Boakibaa (Maldivian Tuna Cake)

In honour of Maldivian Independence Day, we made Kulhi Boakibaa - a favourite Maldivian snack made with tuna.

Batter Fried Crispy Sausages

As if sausages aren't yum enough, get your little one to make these batter-fried Sam's sausages at home. Easy peasy, delicious!

Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

Make one of the most popular ice cream flavours at home with a few ingredients.

Fish Smore

This 'Fish Smore' dish is a gem from Kerala (where vinegar plays a big part in their cooking). It's delicious, rich and just perfect.

Fairy Bread Roll Ups

Craving a snack after work? Or at midnight? Try out these bread roll ups even a 6-year-old can make.

Lasagna Lankan Style

Amp up your lasagne with this Lankan twist!

Somersby Spicy Cocktail

Whether you are inviting friends over for a cozy evening together or if you are planning to curl up with a book and enjo...

Tres Leches

Here's a super simple recipe for Tres Leches cake that isn't as good as Butter Boutique's but still good all the same!

Milk Toffee

What is life without milk toffee? Not great. Try our simple but incredibly delicious recipe at home today!

Flourless Chocolate Cake

Worried about all those extra carbs? Here's an easy way to make chocolate cake minus the flour!

No Bake Chocolate Biscuit Cake

Easy, crunchy, and oh-so-chocolatey! Try out our no-bake chocolate biscuit cake at home with minimal effort and maximum yum.

Jaffna Pork Curry

Mouthwatering pork curry in quick and easy steps....

Jaggery Pudding

Jaggery Pudding is delicious and it's probably one is the easiest desserts we've managed to make. Make your own.

Corona Sunset

Weekend inventions! So last weekend, a bunch of my friends decided to hang out at my place. We started off thinking it w...

Magic Bar

Put together these toothy Magic Bars in no time. A sweet snack that's sure to keep everyone wanting more!

Almond Biscotti

These dry, crunchy snacks are meant to be enjoyed with a cup of plain tea or a glass of wine. Make your own and enjoy!

Sticky Fudge

Take a shot at our sticky (peanut butter and chocolate) fudge; it's sure to fulfil all your sweet tooth cravings!

Cinnamon Apple Pancakes

Quick, easy and fun, these Cinnamon Apple Pancakes are a great twist on the breakfast classic!