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Chocolate Biscuit Cheesecake Pudding

Difficulty rating 2/5 Serves 4 Takes 00:40

An easy to make chocolate biscuit cheesecake pudding that incorporates two of the most loved Sri Lankan desserts!


  • grams of Icing Sugar
  • grams of Butter
  • packets of tikiri marie digestive biscuits
  • cup of Milk
  • grams of dark chocolate buttons (anods)
  • grams of Cream cheese
  • cup of Sugar


  • Melt the chocolate buttons.
  • Beat together icing sugar and butter
  • Add the chocolate mixture and mix then blend together the cream cheese and sugar.
  • Dip Marie biscuits in milk.
  • Layer according to traditional biscuit pudding method. (chocolate + biscuit + cheesecake) and freeze for 2+ hours.

Happy cooking!


Add chopped cashew nuts for garnishing.

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