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Ritzbury Cookie Dough Mug Cake

  • How to make cookie dough cake, in just 3 minutes.

Difficulty rating 1/5 Serves 1 Takes 00:03

Only three minutes it takes, to make this delicious cookie dough cake.


  • Eggs
  • cup of Flour
  • tbsp of Sugar
  • tbsp of Butter
  • pieces of Milk Cooking Chocolate (Ritzbury)


  • 1 Cup
  • 1 Microwave


  • Mix flour with egg.
  • Microwave for 1.5 - 2 minutes.
  • Add sugar.
  • Add butter.
  • Mix them together in a mug.
  • Put Ritzbury cooking chocolate on top.



Make sure the butter is softened.

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