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Dark chocolate and cherry bars

Difficulty rating 2/5 Serves 8 Takes 00:30

Make your own choc and cherry bars with a fruity zing!.


  • packet of Bourbon biscuits (Munchee)
  • ml of Double cream
  • grams of Dark chocolate
  • grams of Cherries


  • Grab a blender and blend the biscuits to a fine powder.
  • Add a baking sheet onto a tray and layer the bottom of the tray with the crushed biscuits.
  • Turn on the stove and melt the dark chocolate and the double cream together.
  • Pour the mixture onto the crushed biscuits and then chill for 4 hours, (in the fridge).
  • Blend the cherries into a rough paste.
  • Spread the layer of cherry paste onto the chocolate bar using a spatula or a spoon.
  • Cut them into squares and serve.

Happy cooking!.


Add real, chopped cherry halves as garnishing.

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