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Seeni Sambol Buns

Difficulty rating 3/5 Serves 3 Takes 01:10

A delicious Seeni sambol bun that you could make at home with MA'S fried Seeni Sambol.


  • grams of Butter
  • ml of Warm Milk
  • tbsp of Sugar
  • grams of dried yeast
  • grams of Flour
  • tsp of Salt
  • packet of Seeni Sambol (MA'S)
  • Eggs


  • Add the butter, warm milk and sugar in a bowl and mix well.
  • Add the yeast and stir again, once stirred add the flour and salt, combine
  • Knead until dough is smooth and cover with a damp cloth for an hour.
  • Break to release air from dough.
  • Divide into equal pieces and roll dough with rolling pin and flatten.
  • For filling.

  • Spoon out 1 tablespoon of MA'S fried seeni sambol into each individual piece of dough and place half a boiled egg.
  • Seal to make bun.
  • Pre Heat oven to 180 degrees and add the egg wash with a brush.
  • Bake for 25 mins until golden.
  • Serve!

Happy cooking.


Add more seeni Sambol for better-stuffed buns

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