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Grilled Beef Tenderloin

Here's Vichalya showing you how to grill up some tender, sizzling beef tenderloin, slathered in a delectable sauce.

Chocolate and Almond Cookies

A sugar free and guilt free Chocolate and almond cookies.

Lunu Amba

In mango season here's how to whip up a tasty jar of mango pickle.

Chili Paste

Here's a recipe to make some delicious Sri Lankan side dish; Chili paste.

Noodle Burger

Make a burger from scratch, from patty to bun, with instant noodles!

Mani Pittu

Here's how to whip up this Sri Lankan meal for dinner, as an alternative to pol pittu.

Ice Cream Loaf

Here's how to bake a colourful, sweet loaf of ice cream bread! Courtesy of Cargills Magic.

Rocky Road

Here's how to make your own rocky road.

Gooey Cheese Toast

How to make Gooey Cheese Toast in few minutes.

Pol Pittu

Sri Lankan's beloved breakfast; Pol Pittu.


Our rasam is packed with a lot more spice than your normal cuppa rasam and even includes a dash of Maldive Fish as well. A little twist to a classic dish!


Payasam is a sweet and filling dish, also made during special occasions in Hindu households.


Here's a recipe for Butterbeer that even Madame Rosmerta would approve.

Pani Roti

Make your own Pani Roti at home, just like you'd find at Hulftsdorp!

Jambu Achcharu

Achcharu is one of the simplest and tastiest Sri Lankan recipes you can make.

American Pancakes

The Kingsbury shows how can you make some American breakfast.

Mango Lassi

Beat the heat with sweet mango lassie.

Pizza Gluttony

Here's how you can make Domenico's Pizza in your own home.

Hot Butter Cuttlefish

The Station shows you how to make the classic Sri Lankan Hot Butter Cuttlefish.


Heladiv Tea Club shows you how to make a fruity flavored tea mocktail within minutes.

Salmon Gravlax

Here's how 'Rare' by Uga Residence makes their Salmon Gravalax.

Chocolate Ganache Cake

The Kingsbury Hotel shows you how to make this delicious chocolate ganache cake.

Bickford's Pink

A quick and easy drink

Spicy Cream Cheese Dip

A spicy dip made with cream cheese and chillie.