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Suhana Lye reviewed Cafe Chill

Great vibe, great staff, great drinks! Must visit!

Cafe Chill


Suhana Lye reviewed Gecko

The place has a good vibe. The owners were very nice to us and the food is good. Not really sure why the reviews have been so bad. It's definitely not terrible.



Malinthe reviewed Momo's by Ruvi

Tried it today and it was pretty amazing. Loved the momos. Especially the wok fried ones. Wasn't too crazy about the drinks, though. I'd probably pass on the soup too.

Momo's by Ruvi


Sandani reviewed Green Grass Hotel and Restaurant

This hotel is situated in a good location just next to the railway station. Rooms were clean. But the customer care was very very poor. We booked two triple rooms in the same category, but for unknown reason, one from had blankets but no towels and the other room had towels but no blankets.
Restaurant was utterly disappointing. We went on full board basis but the restaurant staff was clueless about the menu that comes for that. After a disappointing lunch we went for dinner and luckily at that time a manager was around and helped us with menu. After waiting for about 1.5 hours the food arrived. The mushroom soup was not at all palatable. I'm sure that someone has poured a whole bottle of pepper in to that. The dessert never arrived and finally we gave it up. Then we decided to change the next day full board stay into a BB.
In the night the drunkard locals were shouting, disturbing our sleep.
In conclusion, the careless and clueless staff needs lot of improvement.

Green Grass Hotel and Restaurant



thiysuriii asked a question

What are the good hotels in downsouth to go for a day out with a group of friends (about 15) for buffet and pool-use and maybe get a day room on a weekend?


Chathu Pilapitiya asked a question

Where can I find craft items (craft stamps, craft paper, beads sequins etc) in Pettah?

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Lorrrrrrrrrrrrrrretta asked a question

Can users delete their profiles on Yamu? :"D


lucky88 asked a question

I need to know what the best place to get a tattoo ( watercolor ). And what will be the cost? It's my first tat and dont wanna get ripped off. I'm looking to get a small…