Everything You Need To Know About Ice Cream In Colombo.

We've all had hard two years (almost) due to the pandemic. The economic and social disruption caused by COVID has devastated all of us, and it's even harder for our kids. The grief and loss at home, while the schools continue to keep them out for another year, they're going through an extremely social, emotional and academic ordeal.
Even the simplest, good gestures can help them to cope with their emotions in times like these. Perhaps some family movie time with a scoop or two of their favourite ice cream? And there's no better day to do that than today. After all, it's World's Children Day!
So to celebrate this special day, we thought of bringing you a list of ice cream places in Colombo. Due to the pandemic restrictions, restaurants do not provide any dine-in facilities until the 15th of October, but thankfully, all of these ice cream vendors accept delivery and takeaway orders.

Ice Cream

Carnival Ice Cream

Carnival has been around for many decades now. Aside from flavoursome ice cream, it's a place for a serious nostalgia fix. 

Any coffee-oriented ice cream here gets our resounding approval, and we've always liked their seasonal Durian, Butter Toffee and Chocolate Nut. And right now, you can grab many of these in 1 litre tubs too. 

For orders & inquiries: Uber Eats, 0115346139

Rio Ice Cream

Jaffna's legendary, Rio, has been perched along Marine Drive for about a decade now. Their sundaes have a lot of elements at play, like fruits, Pebbles, chocolate chips and syrup, which makes them very saccharine but surprisingly likeable. 

I've always enjoyed the Rio Special, which is a generous serving of two ice cream scoops – chocolate and vanilla, topped off with chocolate strawberry syrup and garnished with a few bits of cashew nuts, Pebbles and chocolate chips. 

For orders & inquiries: 0112058051

Fruitti Natural

A home-based ice cream maker, Frutti Natural presents an impressive range of ice cream, sorbets and fruity popsicles. From the Lotus Biscoff, Strawberry Cheesecake Swirl, Coffee & Roasted Almonds to Lemongrass Sorbet, Pina Colada, Thambili, Lime & Mint, they promise the most natural flavour in their products, without the addition of stabilisers, artificial flavours or preservatives.

For orders & inquiries: Uber Eats/ 0772527252

King Cone Ice Cream ²

This is perhaps the richest and creamiest ice cream range we've had to this date. It's another home-based ice creamery, that crafts up some unique set of flavours, with the highest quality ingredients. Their Double Dutch ice cream is the most intense chocolate ice cream we've tried in Colombo, and those bold flavour notes can be found in other flavours as well, including Speculoos (Lotus Biscoff ice cream), Maltesers, Terry's (Joshep Terry's Chocolate Orange), Arabica and Mocha.

Mind you, it's pricy. A litre would cost about Rs. 3250 and goes beyond Rs. 5000 depending on the flavour. 

For orders & inquiries: 0778278855 

Frozen Gourmet Ice Cream

Frozen Gourmet Ice Cream used to be at many locations, including Caramel Pumpkin and Majestic City, but right now, they're catering to delivery orders only. They've got some exciting flavours as well – like Fudge Brownie, Island Spice, Salted Caramel, Dark Choc Cookie Dough and Peanut Butter etc. Each flavour comes in 400g tubs and is priced at Rs. 1200.

For orders & inquiries: 0773558449

Rolled Ice Cream

JAM Rolled Ice Cream

JAM Rolled Ice Cream is the first rolled ice cream spot in town. They're now located in Horton Place, next to Cafe Shaze.

The menu here is quite tempting. You can either opt for their set menus or the DIY section. We absolutely enjoyed both.

In the latter option, you can choose your base (vanilla/ chocolate/ mocha), then the flavour (Oreo/ strawberry/ chocolate/ mango/ banana etc.), and the drizzle (marshmallow/ cashew nuts/ choco chips/ gummy bears/ nougat etc.). The last step would be opting for a topping of your choice. They've got caramel, chocolate, strawberry, Nutella, kithul treacle and more.

For orders & inquiries: Uber Eats/ PickMe Food/ 0767766765

Frosty Roll Ice Cream

Looking for more rolled ice cream? Check out Frosty Roll in Wellwatte!

We absolutely loved their Coffee Kat, which satiates the palates of both KitKat chocolate and coffee lovers alike, while the Choco Blast is the chocolate lover's heaven! If you prefer something on the fruity side, they've got plenty of options for that too, like the delicious Mango Buddy. 

For orders & inquiries: Uber Eats/ eatts/ 0768755580


Isle of Gelato 

Isle of Gelato in Colombo City Centre is known for their super interesting, innovative flavours. They use 100% raw ingredients in the making, and less milk, so the flavours stand quite strong. 

Aside from gelato, they do a range of fruit-based, diary-free sorbets and ice cream sandwiches. 

More than 75 flavours are available here for your indulgence. We highly recommend their Almond Mochaccino, which is a mash-up of coffee, chocolate, almond and caramel and the Holy Grail, and an irresistible concoction of chocolate ice cream, peanut brittle, and salted caramel. 

For orders & inquiries: Uber Eats/ 0777916178

Roots Gelato

Roots Gelato is another pick for some excellent Gelato in the city. We've always enjoyed the local twist they add to their products. The best example of that would be the Chocolate Biscuit Pudding (CBP) gelato. It's one brilliant cohesive mix of Bellissima CBP and Root Gelato's unique touch.

Their Chocolate gelato is another great flavour you can go for. It's creamy and decadent and tastes like a cheaper version of the Haagen Dazs Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream. 

For orders & inquiries: Uber Eats/ PickMe Food/ 0775558334

Il Gelato

Il Gelato has been hailed for their gelato for many years now, and all for a good reason – they serve up some of the best gelato/ice cream/sorbet in the city. Located down R.A. De Mel Mawatha, this place homes some incredible flavours.

Our favourites are Dark Chocolate, Biscotto, Pistachio and Panacotta. Mixing up Dark Chocolate and Biscotto worked out quite well for us, as those two flavours have a lovely way of complementing each other so well.

For orders & inquiries: Uber Eats/ PickMe Food/ 0115328328


Cremalato is one of the vendors who helped in adding a lot of diversity to the ice cream in Colombo, since 2014. Now they have more gelato flavours, sorbets and an exceptional selection of popsicles. The Caramel Fig gelato is absolutely enticing, and the Iced Coffee packs a local taste, while the Narang & Mint sorbet provides just the right refreshing kick on your palate.

The popsicles are available in 6 and 12 packs, while the sorbets and gelato are sold in 500ml tubs. 

For orders & inquiries: Uber Eats & 0727696352

Jaffna Ice Cream

We haven't tried Jaffna Ice Cream yet, but they seem to offer these massive, colourful and flavourful sundae bowls for a very affordable cost. 

For orders & inquiries: Uber Eats/ PickMe Food/ 0770547992

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