Healthy Eating In CMB; All You Need To Know.

Living in a world of grease, oil and a whole load of carbs essentially means that healthy eating is one of the hardest things to do. Combined with heavy schedules and barely any time to breathe, most of us tend to choose the least healthy options on our list when we look for a place to eat. 

So, to remedy that particular scenario (at least a little bit), we decided to jot down every restaurant/home-based ventures serving healthy food we could quite possibly think of. 


Cafe Kumbuk

Cafe Kumbuk used to be down Horton Place and was pretty much everyone's go-to spot when they go looking for a meal that ticks every box of being pretty, healthy and a tad more aesthetic than what we're used to. Now they are at Thambiah Avenue, and still maintains that name for being one of the few places in Colombo that serves food that's healthy and all in all fantastic even if you have to pay a bit more than what you're used to.


If you're looking for a more fruity concept, we suggest going with JuiceMo. What is essentially a juice bar in the heart of the Independence Walking Path, we found that JuiceMo does a too-sweet margarita and a Green Supreme that completely blew us away. They've also got the option of going with fruit Kottu's and waffle bowls for when juice alone doesn't cut it. 

Pure Kitchen

Found inside the premises but outside the actual gym part of Body Bar on Jawatte Ave, Pure Kitcherves up food that's a tad more fun than the usual healthy food we're used to. From healthy pancakes to Fried Quinoa Egg fried Rice to a delicious number of smoothie's, the food at Pure Kitchen is superb. It's definitely worth giving a shot at if you're a healthy food newbie. 

Calorie Counter

As the name so subtly suggests, Calorie Counter helps its customers count the number of calories they enter into their system when you eat with them. Why anyone would do that is beyond us, nonetheless, doing some very healthy food without cutting down on taste, we happened to have a pretty good experience here. Particularly with the Thai Spiced Grilled Chicken; so much so, we did a YAMU Loves piece on that. 

Life Food

Life Food began its journey at the Good Market, but they've got a space in a building near the Beira Lake now. Serving up some high-quality drinks including a very pleasant Mocha, Life Food has a humble ambience and a bunch of items on their menu that aren't found everywhere. I mean, finding a spot that does Kurakkan Roast paan sandwiches and Burmese inspired dish Suu Kyi in the same place is difficult, thankfully, we know that Life Food exists, huzzah. 

Health House by Fit Meals

Fit Meals is a home-based venture that came about a while back, and they've come a long way since their beginnings. Health House by Fit Meals is found in a little lane down Horton Place, almost parallel to Taco Bell, and while our initial urges instructed to go to Taco Bell, we're glad we stuck with Health House. Our experience here was quite good, the ambience was lovely and the food (especially the Penne Florence) was definitely good enough for anyone who likes their food a tad on the unhealthy side of things, but wants to eat clean.


If you're on the lookout for a good, and we mean a good place in Colombo that does a healthy option that's also pretty to look at, we say look no further than here. Colombo doesn't have a lot of restaurants that do poke bowls and this stuff by Bowl'd is simply excellent. Paying close attention to detail, the food at Bowl'd is more or less based on Japanese cuisine and deserves a solid 5/5 from us for what they do. 

Natural Eats

Located at Crossfit Ceylon the food at Natural Eats is specially curated so that it can be deemed as affordable to everyone and to be honest, we really liked everything about them. The food is delicious, healthy and affordable, what more can you quite possibly ask for? 

Eat Right

Eat Right helps you to do just that, eat right. Started off as a delivery based option that helps you sort out healthy ways of eating everything you love from kottu to rice and curry, now they've got a restaurant adjoining Racecourse Promenade, right next to the popular Fitness Connection gym. Eat Right will pretty much enable you to have a hearty meal every time you're hungry, you know, without the guilt.


Cafe Spinner isn't necessarily in Colombo per say, but it wouldn't be fair to no include they jut because of how well they do the things they do. Found in Thalawatugoda, Cafe Spinner does Healthy food in the most Lankan way possible. Manioc kottu, pol roti sandwiches and super soft brownies on a cheat day, Spinner is a solid option to go with when in doubt.

Superfood Cafe

Colombo's one-stop for harvest bowls, Superfood is an absolutely wonderful choice for healthy eating. You can BYOB here, AKA – Build Your Own Bowl, or settle for a pre-customised one. We opted for both and were pleasantly surprised. 


Salad Maps

Taking the concept of salads into a whole new level, the salad jars at Salad Maps is made according to a country to which the food will represent. From Japanese to Thai to Mexican and Greek, it's a quick and easy option to go with and it's also really cool how they incorporate the food of said country into the salads they serve up.

3×3 Granola

Good Granola is hard to find, but, if you're looking for some very good granola, 3×3 is a worthy opponent in your hunt. Whipping up a bunch of flavoured granola including the Original, Peanut Butter and seasonal one's turning up during December, 3×3 does a solid batch of homemade granola and there's no denying it. 


Yet another home-based salad bar, Saladgram is perfect for when you're looking for a salad that's a bit on the quirky side of things. With delivery and the option of self pick up readily available, the process of ordering via Saladgram is also quite simple, they've got a website for that. Earning a solid 5/5 from us and user ratings, we say give them a shot. 

Fuel Bar

Fuel Bar is a relatively new establishment that does an arsenal of smoothies to brighten up your day. While they don't have a restaurant, they carry on via delivery and do a pretty good job at what they do. Each jar is a thick, creamy concoction made perfectly to substitute for any meal when you're not in a mood for proper solid food. 


Bohemian Quest

If what you're looking for isn't in the shape of a cafe or a restaurant, and what you really need is just a few items to make your life that much healthier, we suggest giving Bohemian Quest a shot. Nuts, dried fruit, jams and an assortment of goodies, Bohemian Quest helps in terms of adding that minute bit of flair to your meals to make it that much healthier without any sort of effort on your part.


Datery is a shop that offers way more than just dates. Varying from dates, seeds, and nuts to honey, dried fruits and candy, the collection they feature here is quite impressive, and essential if you're planning to craft up a bowl of fruity oats. 


Plus Nine Four

Sister restaurant to Cafe Kumbuk, Plus Nine Four is yet another fancy spot to get your healthy food at. Whilst catering to them all (Veg, non-veg and vegan), Plus Nine Four, down De Fonseka Mawatha does a splendid cup of coffee and has a range of dishes to match. It's great for coffee dates, brunches or even when you're looking for a decent place to get your healthy food at if you're in the area. 

Seed Cafe

Taking up the space Cafe Kumbuk used to be, Seed Cafe is one of the newer places in Colombo you can go to if you're looking for something a bit on the -albeit slightly fancy, healthy side of things. With an ambience that resembled a Pinterest board and a selection of food that leant slightly more towards the healthier side of things, it's a worthy opponent in your next quest for something healthier than McD's.

The Grind Coffeehouse

With its cute interior, friendly service and dolled up dishes, The Grind Coffeehouse is a must-try even if you're not into guilt-free eating. Their menu features a number of healthy dishes, including Quinoa and Kale Salad with Blackcurrants, and some delicious sourdough toasts. 

The Daily Staple

A resto adjoining High Octane Fitness in Pamankada, The Daily Staple has got some superb food, curated for both health-conscious folks and its opposite kind. We particularly enjoyed their Grilled Norwegian Salmon, which was beautifully orangy in colour, and grilled to perfection, that it easily breaks off to chunks, while the top layer was firm and had a slight crisp.

Milk & Honey Cafe

Milk & Honey has impressive healthy food options, among other things. Their Gluten-free Chocolate Brownie is simply the best of that kind we've had so far.  

Cafe Nuga

A resto focused on healthy dishes and fusion food, Cafe Nuga has been around for quite some time now, and still growing strong. Their smoothie bowls and drinks are a must-try. 

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