Please Don’t Platter Me.

The craving for various foods and desserts fascinates anyone. Foodwire checks out the platter makers who have built a loyal fanbase for them with the scrumptious platters thats just tempting and downright delicious.

Hela Platters (හෙළ Platters)

What inspired you to start doing food platters?

Hela Platters was inspired by a dear friend who didn’t like the traditional platters that we ordered. He used to bring his koththu to our gatherings and that’s when the idea struck us. Platters with a Lankan twist! Since then, we have put together a range of canapés inspired by Sri Lankan cuisine which are perfect for grazing tables, boxes, and boards.

Will platters replace the traditional food serving in Lanka?

We do believe that platters will change the traditional food serving in Sri Lanka in the future since they make food more exciting, enticing and allow for amazing variety.

What are the Sri Lankan platters served?පිළිසදර Platter (for 2 persons) Rs. 1200 | 16 Canapés (4 Savoury and 1 Sweet)සුහද හමුව Platter (for 4 persons) Rs. 2300 | 32 Canapés (5 Savoury and 2 Sweet)සාදය Platter (for 6 persons) Rs. 3500 | 45 Canapés (6 Savoury and 2 Sweet) බජව්ව Platter (for 8 persons) Rs. 5000 | 70 Canapés (8 Savoury and 3 Sweet) Customized Options & Add-Ons Available.



What are the Sri Lankan platters served?

We are a custom Platter company, playing to all your needs, with either a local twist or anything from around the globe. Whether it be adding in a bowl of your favourite Achcharu or our signature bacon jam dip (Loved by every platter receiver) and our fastest moving Tomato Chutney, which is loved by both the local and ex-pat pallets. We also offer a range of locally cured meats, with some Sri Lankan twists of Kithul mustard or a fiery smoked with all local spices.

Starting prices of platters are Rs.3500 for a personal platter for two and it goes on. We love helping you customize your platter to fit your budget while accommodating all your favourites in one grazing box/platter. We have an extensive menu of over 100 platter goodies that make up any kind of platter. Our dessert range and one of the top-selling over the past few months are our Meringue Nests(Mini Pavlovas) Comes in packs of 6 at Rs.2000 (Larger numbers are always accommodated) in various fresh fruit toppings.

What inspired you to start doing food platters?

The start of the business was a solution to a corporate event in the corporate I work for as a snack, which prompted me and my team to take the next step in launching the business. 2.5 years later, we are thankful and glad we took that next step because there is so much joy we create for everyone who is treated to one of our grazes.

Will platters replace the traditional food serving in Lanka?

I think platters have made a huge hit over the past 2-3 years in Sri Lanka and it of course is a growing trend. In my opinion, it will not entirely replace our traditional food serving, because most of us still crawl in for parippu and pol sambol and love our Sri Lankan food, but platters most certainly will continue to evolve and only keep evolving and even for us, we are always looking on ways and means to make it interesting for everyone who loves their food and we will continue to do so.


Island Platters

What inspired you to start doing food platters?

As you know, food makes people happy, and Island Platters was started with no other intention than that. We believe there are numerous things to celebrate in life, may it be birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, promotions and the list goes on, and we wanted to be a part of it. Platters are an ideal way to celebrate these moments as they can be customized according to any occasion.

Will platters replace the traditional food serving in Lanka?

Our platters are inherently Sri Lankan at heart. Some of our brunch platters include pol sambol and roast paan infusing western and Sri Lankan cuisine. Some of our dinner platters have Sri Lankan favourites such as hot butter cuttlefish, devilled prawns and authentic cassava chips.

Platters are already replacing traditional food serving in Sri Lanka, and we believe it is because platters add so much colour, variety and a range of delicacies are arranged in a presentable manner. It has only been 10 months since we have started, and we have a long way to go and there is nothing more we look forward to.


Platter Me

What inspired you to start doing food platters?

Although platters are very popular in western countries, it was introduced in Sri Lanka not so long ago. Within a short time, it has become vastly popular among Sri Lankans. What inspired me to start doing food platters is that we have a very busy lifestyle and we do not have much time to spend on arranging tables and serving different food separately but doing a single platter can save a lot of that time.

What inspired you to start doing food platters?

We have an extensive menu consisting of many different platters from Veg to Non-Veg, Cheese and Fruits, Candy and Dessert Platters. Our Signature Veg Personal Platter starts from Rs. 1,500.00.

We customize our platters according to the requirement and the budget of our clients. We have a selective finger food menu, where the customers have the liberty to add to the platter and create it the way they want.

Will platters replace the traditional food serving in Lanka?

As per the question of platters replacing the traditional food serving in Sri Lanka, I do not think so, because the platters only take off the stress and time spent on arrangements, it will only make things much easier with the goodness and quality


Platter Parties

How did you come up with the concept?

I was inspired by the conversations that unites one and bringing people together is something precious and beautiful and that was my inspiration for Platter Parties.

How creative can a platter get?

I work with colour, texture and form to ensure the food on the platter/ grazing table looks great & appetizing and will be remembered long after. I see it as the perfect setting for an extraordinary food experience that creates unforgettable special bonds and memories and that’s the inspiration behind introducing grazing platters, boxes and tables through the launch of Platter Parties in Sri Lanka.

How many people can be served?

The cosy Crush option is for 1 person / 2 persons or 4 persons.  The small platter serves 5 to 6 persons, and the large serves 7 to 8. We do offer a jumbo size option as well and this is usually customized as per the client’s requirement. With our grazing tables, we have gone up to 200 plus persons catering for weddings, private parties and corporate events.


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