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A fantastic concept of taking fresh ingredients, putting on a bit of a show and delivering fresh ice cream. Similar to a කොත්තු රොටි experience except this is sweet.

JAM Rolled Ice Cream 1 year ago

I, my sister and brother just thought to try the place out and how glad we did. Located right opposite KFC it's a healthier and tastier alternative to their fried cousin across the road. Narang juice was also excellent. I only hope this little kukula does not get swallowed by the competition.

Peri Peri Kukula 2 years ago

Indi when an article is sponsored I think Yamu should use the Upworthy model where they say this article is sponsored by and then begin the article. Then readers can decide better what to read.

Light Up The Season... By Dining Out 2 years ago

Bro the reviewer is not a Muslim.

Big Bad Wolf 2 years ago

That's an important question to ask about a pork restaurant!

Big Bad Wolf 2 years ago

Was searching for veg friendly and ended up here is a sushi bar. *scratches head

Mizu (Ramada Colombo) 2 years ago

Went with my family on 1.8.18

Lime & Mint Juice - Fresh and not too sweet
Hot Butter Cuttlefish - Ok
Chicken Sweetcorn Soup - Good
Chicken Tikka - So good it's comparable with that Moghul restaurant in Ramada
Chicken Chettinad - Spicy and Tasty
Butter Naan - Crispy and Tasty

Habibiz Sri Lanka 2 years ago

Used to be good. Now just OK neda?

Biriyani 4 years ago

This article needs a serious revamp as this place has undergone a major transformation with new flavours and new interior.

Carnival Ice Cream Parlour 4 years ago