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OMG! This is hardest hitting article I've seen on YAMU yet! Stone cold!

TGI Friday's 6 years ago

Indi your statement "…We remain a bit suspicious of any place that tries to do Italian food without pork (pepperoni, prosciutto, salami and mortadella - they're all actually pork). The Sri Lankan market is such that you lose Muslim families, which is fine, that's a market choice every business makes…" make a whole lot of sense.

Being a Muslim who takes Halaal seriously this is always my plea to a non-muslim business. Make your labelling clear and dont be confused in your business practices. As you say Italian pizza has many pork varieties. So all that needs to be done is very clearly have pork in the menu instead being in two minds about those things. Shanghai terrace is a good example which clearly went for pork and its pretty clear cut. I went there once and they said 'We serve pork'. I said 'Oh. OK. Thanks.' and I just walked out!

On the other hand Harpo's PIzza keeps on going telling people on the phone they seperately cook their pork and non-pork pizza's seperately or some such thing! Come on guys!

Keep up the good work YAMU! As a Sri Lankan I always wish every ethical business success!

Put A Fork In Fork (Marine Drive) 6 years ago

Yes it isn't.

Domino's (Nugegoda) 6 years ago

I recall these guys stating they are Halal? Or has that changed since?

The Sizzle 6 years ago

I know your trying your best but perhaps you need to rethink a little Indi. A few helpful tips:

- Halal is a term thrown around loosely so anyone and everyone knows to say 'Yes its Halal'.
- Its good to know the general guidelines for Halal which can be found at or
- A restaurant which serves Halal generally has to cover food and drink.For example Shiraz says they serve wine.
- Our scholars have already given Halal labels to some restaurants at

This is just FYI. You are doing a great job.

Before anyone comments 'Not another Halal' please remember clear labelling of this icon makes the non-Halal guys experience so much better when people dont come into non-Halal places and ask 'Is this Halal' to death.

How does Yamu decide a place is Halal? 7 years ago

Just found the correct number on their fb page. Its 011 2888540.

Carino Ice Cream 7 years ago