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Hi! Is the telephone number correct. I just called and conversation went like this:

Me: Hi! is this Carino?
Dude: No. This is Hot Wheels!
Me: Are you sure?
Dude: Hulk Smash!
Me: Sorry Yamu has made a mistake bye!

Carino Ice Cream 7 years ago

Dude how can this place be Halal! Its serves Pork!

The Boardwalk 7 years ago

Indi I think you need a 'Suitable for Vegetarians' icon as well as vegetarianism is becoming important! Don't just look after the Muslim brothers! The devout Buddhists and Hindus need a friend in the city too!

Chocolate Room 7 years ago

As a Muslim, Flower Drum has always intrigued me. On the one side it serves the best Chinese Food in town but on the other hand its serves a lot of Pork. The only redeeming thing is their 'Policy' @ www[dot]flowerdrum[dot]net/policy[dot]php which states they only use Halal meats. This review and the Battaramulla one mention nothing about Halal so I guess those are days gone by!

Flower Drum 7 years ago

Hi! There is some anomaly in the two Java Lounge reviews. You say Jawatte is not Halal but Cotton Collection is!

Java Lounge 7 years ago