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Even the Laksala Bartista is pretty good. And a beach side joint like La Voile Blanche in Mount is another great place to read

15 Book Nooks In Colombo 6 years ago

Get it from Baktat Deli. Its more convenient than waiting till Thursday. The cheese is supplied by Eyrie.

Cheesy Business 8 years ago

Each to their own.

But on a separate note I don't recommend their Hot Chocolate. Tried twice, both times were rubbish.

BreadTalk (Lipton Circus) 8 years ago

Its not a branch of Burgers King, a few employees decided to leave and do their own thing. Its called Burgers Hut. The food is the same but the shawarma is somewhat fresher and spicier. But it's best if you guys do a proper review of it! :)

Review Burgers' King off Allen Avenue (Zoo Road), Dehiwala 8 years ago

Ah so many memories here. It's sad that the quality of food is slowly dropping. I remember the days when we used to come here for dinner.

Buba Restaurant And Beach Club 8 years ago