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The manager got in touch with us shortly after this review, and sent along the meal we'd been billed for. They also apologised for the service.
Pretty great how they respond to complaints and make up for it, so full points for customer service!
(p.s: the chicken wings were amazing too).

The Grill by Paan Paan 3 years ago

Yes, there is actually — it was removed upon her personal request, as was another person's after publication.
Removed the link you'd shared here as well, out of respect of their requests and privacy.

10 Contemporary Powerhouse Women in Sri Lanka 3 years ago

True, it differs from each faculty and each university as well, but it's pretty bad if you're not keen on getting harassed. I didn't think of discussing the different 'levels' of ragging in each Fac, my bad, I should have. Thanks :)

A lot of friends from Colombo Arts and Management didn't enjoy their time there, and one girl finally dropped out of Kelaniya's Management after having worked so hard to get in. It was sexual at UoC though, at least even verbally. Likewise a several other A/L batchmates had horrible times at Pera and Sabara.

One friend from the Visual Arts uni was telling me of how his batch was stripped down as well, BUT he justified it saying it was alright in the end because by the end of the year everyone was 'friends.'

The Bane of Local Universities: Ragging and What It's All About 3 years ago

You failed at a lot of things, predominantly in making sense and going off on a tangent by making utterly baseless assumptions and then changing tactic. I didn't go to the UoC and neither am I from Colombo.
FYI I actually *do* know what I'm talking about here, and not everyone agrees with or are okay with ragging, just because you and the ilkes of the IUSF attempts to justify it. :)

The Bane of Local Universities: Ragging and What It's All About 3 years ago

It was relevant as of last Friday. Yep there are heavy rains on occasion, but given the intense dry spells we've had, flash floods and rains aren't helpful in the long run, nor to undo the damage to harvests and agri in the dryzones.

2017's Drought And What It Means To Sri Lanka 3 years ago

Thank you for your constructive feedback!
We've already covered the more popular places, especially within Colombo, but do let us know which ones we've missed (you seem to have some places in mind) and we'll start working on more useful articles asap :)

Exploring Maradana: A Photostory 3 years ago

I'd labelled it incorrectly by mistake, sorry! It's been fixed now.

Street Burger 3 years ago