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I am wanting a whole strawberry cheesecake so does anyone know where I can buy one?

Cheese cake? 4 years ago

This is a proper way to inform them so the problem is a majority of Sri Lankan establishments take any criticism as negative instead of seeing it as constructive criticism. This wall needs to be monitered by the owners and not anyone else. As a owner if I read these complaints I would quickly take action to make a change otherwise you lose customers.

The Commons Coffee House 4 years ago

I can say their desserts, milkshakes and peach tea is amazing but last night I ordered peanut butter chicken but was very disappointed. First they were very slow and we were the only couple there before another couple came later. The peanut butter chicken had no taste of the peanut butter sauce but all of te meal was overwhelmed with red chili's and the fennel seeds so in turn it had a sauce which was a gralic sauce not much to it but they charged 850 for that which was worth more like 450 lkr. They should rename it Spicy Sri Lankan chicken with a twist. I watched them charr a red bell pepper which was just sit on an open gas burner which is not charred pepper. I would encourage you to stick with the desserts and drinks from my experience last night.

Delish (CLOSED) 4 years ago