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I love BK… I'm a regular at their Rajagiriya outlet and I love their thick cut french fries which are always crispy and fresh. Their beef burgers are a notch above McDs in my humble opinion…much fresher and tastier and the service is very good or at least they try and are always cheerful in greeting you and taking your order. Thumbs up!

Burger King (Colpetty) 6 years ago

Leather Collection on Flower Road has the same sucky customer service from when this post was made, nearly 2 years ago. It doesn't help to smile at the staff either, they don't greet you or engage you in any way and most of them can be found crowding around the POS while observing customers keenly. If you go up to another floor, one person will inevitably follow you, not to help but to maintain a minimum safe distance while checking to see if you're planning to steal anything. Even asking for something in a different size is a chore as they will flatly say the size isn't available, then change their mind and go look for it…it's like they size you up to see if you're really genuine about purchasing something and only when they've determined that you're not there to waste their time, they actually serve you. There also seems to be a clear difference between how they greet regulars and someone who they're unfamiliar with, the former are treated with a lot more enthusiasm. As a customer I am appalled that this is what passes for customer service. Especially in the line of business that they are in, good customer service is the fine line between someone patronizing their store and never returning again. No amount of fancy leather items could ever make me want to return to something like that, especially given an ample amount of choice elsewhere. As an aside, I have to commend the staff at the adjoining Cotton Collection…the difference between the two stores is like night and day! The Cotton Collection staff leave you in peace to do your shopping, assist you where needed and greet you with a smile once you're done. Maybe the owner/manager needs to keep a closer eye on the LC staff and retrain them to ensure that they're not ruining customer's experiences and perception of shopping there.

Creepy Customer Service: Seriously, Stop Following Me 6 years ago

If you're searching for something similar to RF in terms of services and pricing, I can recommend Salon Kess, for haircuts and styling especially. They have some very experienced stylists on the team. Yamu should do one of those comparative reviews of the major salons in Colombo.

Ramani Fernando Salon 6 years ago

In terms of standards their food has really gone down. Was there recently after a while and ordered the Chillie Prawn Pasta… what was served was an appalling goopy mix of knorr infused cheese and cornflour sauce with more cornflour than cheese, with a couple of prawns and chillie flakes mixed in with the pasta…that was it. It was so disappointing especially since I've sampled such a dish in other restaurants such as Bars and was looking forward to having something similar. This was like one of those pre-cooked meals you can microwave for a quick fix. If they can't do certain dishes well then they should remove it off the menu and concentrate on what they can pull off. Otherwise it just ends up disappointing and being a total rip off for what we pay as customers.

The Commons Coffee House 6 years ago

I've been back two times since my last post and I have to say that the service has improved a bit. The manager is still anti-social as ever and stares down customers instead of helping them but on both occasions we had a very pleasant and helpful waiter who served us so kudos to him for at least trying. The food has always been delicious, great service could take it to the next level.

Cafe On The 5th 6 years ago

Food is excellent though a bit expensive. It's ideal for a special occasion lunch or dinner. Their thai green curry is amazing!

The Lagoon (Cinnamon Grand) 6 years ago

They really should come up with better names…all these pseudo British names …paddington, barnesbury, kingsbury…uninspired and sort of cringeworthy.

The Paddington 6 years ago

Gotta love the reverse racism…I've never experienced this but no doubt it has happened. Some Sri Lankan establishments feel the need to exclude Sri Lankans to maintain a certain image but it is these very lankans who serve as returning customers making them rich, more so than the white tourists they try to suck up to. Food for thought. If this is the treatment meted out, better off patronizing other similar restaurants which actually value your presence and don't make such stupid executive decisions in order to appeal to a certain segment.

Cheers (Cinnamon Grand) 6 years ago

I love the Original Vanilla and Strawberry Dream cupcakes! Great flavours, not overly sweet or synthetic tasting like some outlets. And their packaging is totally adorable.

a & m Cupcakes 7 years ago

Tried the sandwiches, chocolate milk and almond milk…just a wee bit over-hyped. Good but not over the moon great as this review makes it out to be.

Paan Paan Sandwich Bar 7 years ago