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It's true, the staff and management are extremely rude with customers.They dismiss you like you're inconveniencing them and won't even take the time to seat you properly or give menus. Always time-rushed, even with few diners and you can't call on them to save your life. Such a disappointment because the food is quite tasty and real value for money but the negative treatment of customers out-weight whatever the restaurant has working in it's favour. Hope they can rectify this.

Cafe On The 5th 7 years ago

I went to the Cinnamon Grand branch for make-up and hair-styling as I was a bridesmaid for a friend's wedding. It was not a good experience. Wrong colour foundation which made me look embalmed, loads of garish green eyeshadow mixed in with tons of eyeliner which was reminiscent of the worst 80s look you can imagine and bucket loads of hair spray which made my hair glossy and plastic looking with no movement whatsoever! Plus they have the gall to act as if you're inconveniencing them if you make the slightest demand. Never again! Plus I've heard a lot of negative reviews concerning hair fall and hair loss once you go for one of their treatments or even styling. Even though I have to agree that Colombo is in need of a good stylist who understands hair, this place is the most overrated of the lot.

Ramani Fernando Salon 8 years ago