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Amjath Ahamed
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I am so sad to see such substandard reviews as this in This is totally misleading. I wonder how this writer called it "biriyani feast that's 100% authentic." Please do not give credits to something you really don't know about.

Authentic Biriyani is never cooked as rice separate curry separate format.

If you really don't know what Indian Biriyani is, you may think this place is selling Indian Biriyani. Unfortunately I have been to India and Dubai many times and have tasted original Indian Biriyani. This guy has just found some names such as Calcutta Bonless Biriyani, Bombay BBQ Biriyani etc on internet and selling something totally different. If you don't know Indian Biriyani, it's ok, otherwise don't take a chance. Authentic Indian Biriyani is cooked together with meat, but this guy cook the rice separately and the meet separately, it's just rice and curry, that's also not tasty and not up to the standard at all.

The Biryani Restaurant 2 years ago