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Revisited this after the absolutely horrendous first visit! They have got their service sorted which is fab but the steak is still not good enough. They're still unable to cook a steak medium-rare. Their ribs however were absolutely FANTASTIC! Only thin I will ever eat off their menu. Apparently the burger was dry and so was the chicken. Shame though, because TGI Friday's is known for their big, bold, flavourful portions.

TGI Fridays: Public Beta 7 years ago

The last time I had a burger from Sugar burger it was absolutely horrible! Unfortunately, I think this is something you have to be drunk maybe to enjoy? I'm not entirely sure… It wasn't very nice though…

Late Night Burgers - Our Top 4 (2014) 7 years ago

The coffee here is very good and so is the food however, the milkshakes weren't that good. they were quite watery and lacked flavour, but the staff were very good. As soon as I told them, they went and made fresh milkshakes. Really nice place and definitely worth a visit :)

Whight & Co 7 years ago

Tasty caterers, Park Street Mews and Commons all do really good BBQ menus. Raffles also have a good BBQ menu.

Catering BBQ 7 years ago

I've been here so many times from the day they opened and the food has been consistently good. The prices really aren't that bad considering you're paying for dishes that can be shared amongst 2-3 people per portion. Their mutton biriyani is easily the best in colombo and the staff are attentive and polite. Overall this is a very good restaurant to have a very good Indian meal

Maharaja Palace 7 years ago

The blueberry and chocolate were actually quite nice considering it's price. they also give you a waffle cone so that's a bonus (I love waffle cones!) :D

Carmello 7 years ago