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Joined 6 years ago


Tried their stuff many times since its close to my office. Rice & curry is lousy and over priced. The buriyani is ok with roast chicken, so is the fried rice, but still too much for rs.280. They have Milk rice and green gram for breakfast as well as noodles & string hoppers which are good. The pol roti seemed a bit too hard when i tried it last. Chinese rolls are rs. 50.

Spicy Cabin 6 years ago

The take away set menu's are also good value for money.

Siam House 6 years ago

Real value for money :) The Shawarma's are also pretty good.

Burgers Hut 6 years ago

Breadtalk obviously has a lot more stuff to eat than Paan paan, and despite what anybody says i will tell you that compared to what we earn in Sri Lanka, any kind of food is expensive when compare to other countries. People in Vancouver can afford to pay 2 or 3 US$ for a sandwich !!! and 300 rs. for the same thing in SL in simply not worth it. Sponge is a bit overpriced too and smaller in size but quality wise is better than Breadtalk… If you can afford or want to pay over 100 rs for a "malu paan" go ahead. Dosent make it worth while.

Bread talk is opening a new branch next to the OLD banana leaf in bamba, where BATA used to be. Good for all you faithful BT fans :)

BreadTalk (Lipton Circus) 6 years ago

Some charge more, Rs. 42 - 45/- from the 2nd KM. Those who work for companies like Budget, Fair Taxi, charge 30-35

New Trishaw Fares In Effect 6 years ago