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in sri lanka, if they have CCTV installed, they should inform by sign board. it's a rule.
if there is no sign board, then there is no cameras.

and savoy & liberty cinemas boxes don't have anything inside unless a chair and dust-bin. have fun ( P.S- Act nice during intervels)

Movie 2 years ago

which area are you ?

if colombo city limit, try Sats-Tech Engineers.
wolfendhal street, colombo-13
0112333695, 0112339920

Dish TV contact 2 years ago

diyatha uyana market


Department of Agriculture- Seeds and plant shop
7 Sir Marcus Fernando Mawatha, Colombo 7
(opposite public library)

will cost 150/- to 200/- for 10kg bag

Compost 2 years ago

contact nearby bath kade, they will using tamarind for curries and throw seeds in garbage.
ask for the cooking time and collect it.

Need Tamarind seeds! 2 years ago