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Yamu is taking a lot of effort to promote cross-community understanding and co-existance in Sri Lanka.

The effort new icons are very much appreciated, and it helps get a quick idea about the restaurant before actually reading a review. More icon suggestion would be to have one which identifies the type of place like Street-Kade, fast-food outlet or full-fledged restaurant and if it has AC or no-AC.

Again, Thank You!

Making YAMU Halal Friendly 8 years ago

Haha! Replying to a professional critique is the worst think you could ever do. You have to ACCEPT it, and work towards ELIMINATING the problems. Will not visit now.

Tangerine Hotels Didn't Like Their Review 8 years ago

The aroma of the coffee can be sniffed from as far as 30 meters. The only consume-now product in this shop - the Rs. 30 Iced Coffee is very highly caffeine concentrated, good for a kick start in the morning. Not open on Sunday though.

The Island Coffee Shop 8 years ago

Dunno whether its me or the shwarma, buy the mexicana seems slightly sour on one side and crispy on the other. Savory-sour. Some may like some may not.
Best place in Sri Lanka for Arabic food!

Arabian Knights 8 years ago