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what's the point of your review if you didn't bother to give their address?

Hyve Dessert Bar 1 year ago

Overpriced and way Overrated

Monsoon 2 years ago

I know are they are new and everything but their service is super slow. While it was a busy night their coordination and attention was way off with waiters running up and down multiple clients looking for tables clueless. Hope they get their act together soon

Caramel Pumpkin 2 years ago

Please keep writing sir. Your articles are concise, meaningful and not the type that's written to further a personal agenda.

Cows Getting Kicked Out Of Colombo 3 years ago

Lets just face it women raise their voice for rights and privileges that are advantageous to them. I don't see women doing the heavy lifting to keep the economy going. You may say that most teachers are women and that many employed in the middle east are women but almost 70% of the services and jobs are handled by men not because of lack of abundance of opportunity but due to physical capability. If you are physically incapable to the heavy lifting, deal with it without whining

What Women Want 3 years ago

Gentlemen of Yamu, let's please write an article on 'what men want' please since the ladies seem to be getting all the attention

What Women Want 3 years ago

හරිම දුකයි ලවීනියා එකට වෙච්චි දේ ගැන. ඇත්තම කිව්වොත් ඒ විපර්යාසය ආරම්භ වෙලා අවුරුද්දක් විතර. ඉස්සර අකුරේගොඩ කෑම්ප් එකේ කොල්ලොත් එක්ක බීලා ජෝගි දාපු කාලේ මතක් වෙද්දී දුකයි

Lavinia Restaurant & Bar (Pelawatte) 3 years ago

As always cutting edge stuff. Way to go Kinita and the YAMU team on an exceptionally well produced short

Entire Meal For $1 3 years ago

Yawn!!! Another promotional piece of feminism in the guise of a celebration of women's day :) When is someone from Yamu gonna write the article '10 Contemporary Powerhouse Men in Sri Lanka'?

10 Contemporary Powerhouse Women in Sri Lanka 3 years ago