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It can be transferred from an Indian bank to your local bank account. Looking into MoneyGram and Western Union might be worth looking into as well.

Receive Money from India 1 year ago

Coco Veranda, Ward Place, is open till 1am (at least on Friday and Saturday nights). Their kitchen closes either at midnight or half past though.

Late night places 3 years ago

Unfortunately there isn't anything you could besides asking the owner to unlock it.

I cloud lock 3 years ago

@Susheel I wouldn't say the extra premium is a waste when it comes to getting a phone fixed/replaced. A person I know ran into issues with his unit and dialog replaced it (twice, if I'm not mistaken). I don't know whether any of the MC shops will replace. They may repair but then there's never a guarantee that genuine or brand new parts will be used.

Abans vs dialog 3 years ago