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This place is the Bomb !! By far the Best Rice & Curry I've had.
They got food to serve the mood ! (Curry Oriented obviously)
I was enlightened about this place by a friend on a hungry afternoon, I was willing to travel the distance after hearing how good it is.
Treated my self to a Pork Rice & Curry with some nice veggies and battered Prawns and Cuttlefish !
Sadly this was the only time i visited the place, due to the convenience factor.

Nelum Kole 5 years ago

When you decide to treat your self to a good breakfast and you Realize a "Civar'rr' Kade" (aka Normal boutique by the road) has better service.

A Couple of my friends decided to go have breakfast.
We ordered from the a la carte menu, One and a half hours later our Food started making its way to our table. By this time we were all hungry and a little on the edge.
We had to request for water, not ONCE, not TWICE but THREE TIMES. (with given enough time for them to bring it) One of my friends took matters to his own hands and made his way and found a jug of water and brought it along with a glass.
We requested the bill, which came promptly, at that time we asked for water again and they actually managed to bring a round of water. Not a napkin on the table either ( none of the table had)

you could say that we should've gone for the buffet, but they offer A la Carte and that's what we wanted.
Maybe the service was lacking because of our Skin Color

Taprobane (Cinnamon Grand) 5 years ago

Thanks guys !
@foodReviewDevil im looking for in Colombo and Hotel's or Service Apartments.
@daisy , Are you sure Tintagel has a private pool or plunge pool ? because it's not mentioned anywhere nor can i find it in the pictures.


Hotel Suites with priviate pool/Plunge pool in Colombo 5 years ago

disagree with Ken,

A group of us went for lunch and ordered 12 Pizza's. Food was pretty quick and good !!

Wijaya Beach 5 years ago