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Musaeus college has. you may have to inquire about that. it's really hard to get bookings. i have a standard booking on Tuesday's and Thursday's in the evenings trying to get more dates is a task.

Badminton courts 3 years ago

you can just call them up and ask. but it's 1000. Yes they ask for ID if you want to get hanky panky.

Arcade movie theater 3 years ago

They might be sent on a strict budget. I Think its about time they come out and tell people they do Paid Advertising/Promoting.

Krua Thai by Dao 3 years ago

Hey Jef, firstly have you personally checked if the Horescopes Match ? if not do that. Sometimes Why they say horescopes don't match is that some times after marriage it could be bad for one partner (ones horescope can affect the others) could lead to sickness and death being the worst. There are a lot of instances where people disregarded the astrologers word and continued their life. Also depending on the two horescopes living life out of the birth country can help mismatching horescopes. All the Best Jef.

What are your ideas on Horoscope matching? 3 years ago

I think MyStore is one of the more reliable sites. I would prefer to make payment at the store itself. but as for products what ever you buy make sure you buy a branded product with warranty.

Anyone bought anything from 3 years ago