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Indi !! i didnt take you for the type to get a septum piercing done…

Piercing 4 years ago

Hahah. just want to compile a list of Delivery services. What Works the best ?

Food Delievery Service 4 years ago

i was planning on check this place out… but whoa i''m staying away.

Mandarina Colombo 4 years ago

I Would love to see the presidential suites. you guys could market it to the hotels. Do a walk through for them.

Presidential Suites in Colombo 4 years ago

Nice & Clean Environment, Value for money !

Taste of Asia 4 years ago

Thanks indi, i could do that but i was more looking for a group rather than how to find a group… Thank you

Badminton Groups 4 years ago

i'm interested. how can i get in touch ?

Antique coins 4 years ago