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If there was a spice called ‘zero taste’ this place has an exclusive on it. Every dish we tried was bland and boring…and limp. The dishes are apparently having an identity crises as they felt like a poor mix of the most simple Asian dishes from the region. Is it Thai? Indonesian? Malay?! Oh yeah there’s no taste to it so it’s impossible to tell. Classifying this as Vietnamese though is a gross stretch of the imagination, or it could qualify as false advertising. If you really enjoy Vietnamese food, don’t disappoint yourself with a visit here.

Pho Vietnam 2 years ago

Ground zero for Weli family surf days. This place reminds me of potato head in Bali but on a much more boutique and intimate scale. The rooms are fantastic and well decorated, with modern international taste. The pool, bar, grass, and beach though is what takes this place to the next level. And the fact that everyone here, from the surf coach to the DJ to the bar staff, are so incredibly family friendly, it really is the best place to call home for the day. The 'other' big box locales in the neighborhood can't even come close in terms of 'soul' and 'ambiance'.

W15 (Weligama) 3 years ago

Taco Bell typically represents the lower end of the spectrum of Mexican (can you even call it that??) food. The colombo version is several rungs below that. No beef, Kentucky fried chicken?? Fake cheese sauce (seriously?!). I never knew it was possibly to destroy something as simple as quesadillas, but they did. The food was so fabricated and of such poor quality that I wondered if my family and I would glow radioactive on the way out.

Taco Bell 3 years ago

Quality of food has bottomed out, rubbery burger, limp salads, and overall zero taste. With international chains you expect there to be at least some sort of standard to abide by but clearly that is not the case here. Don't bother.

TGI Friday's 4 years ago

How sad…been awhile since I bothered venturing in here. Most everything is closed up and derelict. More mold than people. Too bad, the place had promise. Alas, not worth the time.

Arcade Independence Square 4 years ago

There's a new competitor in the market for Colombo's best coffee and this place has come out swinging! From the first sip it was clear that they know what they are doing. Silky smooth cappuccinos brewed to your strength preference. All of it done with passion. Solid spot. Not to mention style points for the interior. Just wish it was more centrally located to the heart of the city. Haven't tried the food yet…as I couldn't stop drinking the coffee.

Kopi Kade 4 years ago

Hands down the WORST cup of coffe i have had in colombo, or anywhere for that matter. They absolutely fried the taste, along with the roof of my mouth. Whatever was left over smelled of burnt ashe and was nothing close to consumable. I agree with the prevoious reviewer, this place deserves zero stars and will never be on my repeat list. How do places like this remain in business?!? Yuck!

Java Lounge 4 years ago

Fantastic find. Subdued from the street yet behind theae walls and tucked above a very well done boutique hotel lies a hidden jem of restaurant. Nigiri was the perfect size, fried dishes done so well, rolls with the right kind of heat. And the anviance. Seriously? Why is this place not packed. The previous reviewer's recommendation for upstairs seating was spot on, do it asap!

Zen (Zylan Boutique Hotel) 4 years ago

Greatest chill out, hide from the boss, get work done, plan your life kinda spot. Oh, and they clearly know coffee and how to properly serve it. Currently the best town! Food is simple yet diverse and just the right amount. Great ambiance and style and the boys are always warm and welcoming.

Black Cat Café 4 years ago

good healthy food with a decent selection and quality is generaly high. they have a kids menu but clearly it is a hassle for them as they always report that they cant make any of it (you are across the street from a school?!). Overall cleanliness of this location is a concern, as is evident by the swarm of flys that are always present. Dont bother sitting down if you dont like swatting them away from your face and food. And dont bother asking the manger to do anything, he's too busy chit chatting in the back.

Calorie Counter (Pelawatta) 4 years ago