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Pho Vietnam

If there was a spice called ‘zero taste’ this place has an exclusive on it. Every dish we tried was bland and boring…and limp. The dishes are apparently having an identity crises as they felt like a poor mix of the most simple Asian dishes from the region. Is it Thai? Indonesian? Malay?! Oh yeah there’s no taste to it so it’s impossible to tell. Classifying this as Vietnamese though is a gross stretch of the imagination, or it could qualify as false advertising. If you really enjoy Vietnamese food, don’t disappoint yourself with a visit here.

Pho Vietnam 1 year ago


Taco Bell

Taco Bell typically represents the lower end of the spectrum of Mexican (can you even call it that??) food. The colombo version is several rungs below that. No beef, Kentucky fried chicken?? Fake cheese sauce (seriously?!). I never knew it was possibly to destroy something as simple as quesadillas, but they did. The food was so fabricated and of such poor quality that I wondered if my family and I would glow radioactive on the way out.

Taco Bell 3 years ago


TGI Friday's

Quality of food has bottomed out, rubbery burger, limp salads, and overall zero taste. With international chains you expect there to be at least some sort of standard to abide by but clearly that is not the case here. Don't bother.

TGI Friday's 3 years ago