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Thank you!

and really? I never would have thought. :D

Mooncakes 2 years ago

The cafe no longer exist.

Cafe Domus 2 years ago

I know. I saw that. Was hoping for an updated list. Looks like Yamu is not interested in helping :(

I've just been calling and emailing hotels myself to get the information.

Buffet 3 years ago

Order No. 33701 (online)

It says delivery between 12:55pm and 01:00pm. It is now 1:50pm.

I just called and they say it was dispatched half hour ago. So where's my food?

Rider is so not getting a tip from me.

McDonald's Delivery (McDelivery) 3 years ago

Nugegoda Super Market - 100/- per CD/DVD

DVDs 3 years ago

I'm no expert on this topic. How ever, I do a lot of online payments through Commercial Bank and to this date I have not had a problem.

Once and only once did I have to call the call center regarding an online transaction that was just check if my money had been debited or not after a transaction failed and was only notified 2 days later. It was the fault of the seller.

Besides that Commercial has a very recommendable online transaction process. I pay all my bills, insurances, telephone, etc via Commercial.

Online Payments In Sri Lanka Suck (Discuss) 3 years ago

It was FANTASTIC! Went here yesterday (10th Sep, 2017) and it was fabulous. the food and beverages were excellent. The service was top notch. Dishes were never empty and topped up regularly. Relevant food was maintained at the right temperatures. No complaints. Fully worth every rupee spent.

The Lounge (Water's Edge) 3 years ago

Went here last week (Wednesday the 6th) and had a really bad experience.

Drinks: First they forgot our order. Then they got the order wrong. Then when they finally delivered…. one person ordered Hot Chocolate and it came without the marshmallows.

Food: The panini was absolutely soggy. More onions and curry. Little to none meat. We might as well have gotten vegetarian.

Service: Forgetful. Rude. Unapologetic. Unprofessional.

If the place was crowded and busy, then I'd be slightly understanding but since we were the only people, they had absolutely no excuse.

Bubblelement (Battaramulla) 3 years ago