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Yal eat house is really good they do pittu parata and strings I steaming hot ,i think they do a better job for dinner.oh by the way the boned chicken is called curry chicken you will have a option of broiler chicken or curry chicken.The mutton is really good and there fried fish prawns cuttlefish and special there crab.They make omelets to order so its nice and warm on to your plate. They will keep on serving rice Durring lunch with other veges untill you say enough :-).Best time for dinner is around 7pm they close early sometimes. When the food runsout.

9 Favourite Buth Kades In Colombo 5 years ago

Good food & juices positive atmosphere good luck

Calorie Counter 6 years ago

The place is superb we hang out here after work .they have good Food Cheap Drinks & all sport channels plus they know how to treat there costumers.

Mintage Restaurant & Pub 6 years ago