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Joined 8 years ago


Lovely grilled chicken went there with my friend kabir waked a whole chicken,four peeta bread,humous &chips and two drinks cost only about 1400 i think.:)

Sulthan Palace 8 years ago

My girlfriend loves this place… i seriously don't know whats so good about the place .The food on the menu is superb but when the serve it its not so tasty.the seats are not conferrable and it takes a long time for the waiter to come take the order……

Bars Cafe 8 years ago

This place is really good… the food ,price,waiters and atmosphere gets 5 stars.Try the ambarala juice its yummy

Nuga Gama (Cinnamon Grand) 8 years ago

first thing is its not that cheap !! there is two types of taxes and service charge added so menu prices are cheap when it adds on it hits the correct price…… and the food is not great ,the waiter is drunk most of the time or only when i tend to get a really bad crowd sometimes …. the only good thing is when your drunk and looking up if your in the balcony you feel like your in Singapore just for like 5 sec …after that you realize your in a not so great bar & you could have gone some where else.

Panorama (Colombo City Hotel) 8 years ago

next time you go ask for the waiter called "Basheer " he will sort you out :) tell your kabir's friend ha ha

Hotel De Plaza 8 years ago