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Went for dinner. They offered a good variety. Waiters have a bit of an attitude but ignoring that, the food got served fast. I ordered an up-size for some as we were quite hungry… but the quantity was quite disappointing and had to order a couple of sides after the food came in. Biggest disappointment is they didn't have real bacon… pasta without bacon… can you believe it?

Pastamania 2 years ago

Five of us went to the Thurstan Rd branch on 14th Jan around 2pm to grab a bite. Ordered few things including a chicken biriyani and a chicken club sandwich. When the food came I found the biriyani rice to be cold (not even room temperature). When the waiter served the plate of club sandwich he accidentally spilled one quarter sandwich and some fries on the table. We were shocked when he asked us whether we mind having that. He expected us to pickup that food from the table and eat it. I patiently asked him to replace the sandwich and decided never to visit that branch again.

Dinemore 3 years ago

For party items and masks…. Jiggles Store (oposit havelock city) and The Party Station (opposite Mannapperuma traders on Galle Rd). Can't confirm if they sell dresses.

Masquerade 3 years ago