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Food was good but we were misled, too, by the owner. We ordered a 790-rupee chicken dish and he recommended duck, instead. Little did we know (because he didn't mention it at the time) that the duck was almost 3700 rupees! We found out when it was time to pay, by which time, of course, it was too late. When the waiter went to ask, he explained to them. When he later walked past our table, he did not deign to even stop and explain or apologize for the "misunderstanding." This after warmly taking our order (perhaps because my wife speaks fluent Chinese?) when we first sat down. Frankly, no matter how good the food was, I will not go back and give my business to a crook. I hope he enjoys his ill-gotten gains. But I do not think you can stay in business for too long when your reputation is for dishonesty. It will, I hope, catch up to him. As well it should. There are other places in Colombo to go for a good Chinese meal, such as Min Han.

Moon River 6 years ago