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wow man indonesia sucks too? Bali is simply awesome. Go there and enjoy and then comment. In general these countries suck but for someone who loves to learn different cultures and travel would really need a list like this. For an instance Nepal sounds like a very poor country to travel but Indees its a very nice country to travel to. Stop the dissing and start traveling to these countries:)

37 Visa-Free Countries for Sri Lankan Passports 4 years ago

Horizon College has their own school service and you should really give credit to their management for handling everything efficiently . I guess every school should try to implement an independent bus service.

8 Ways To Reduce Traffic In Colombo 4 years ago

"Everyone knows how smooth traffic runs when policemen take over. All we need is more. "

I can't really agree with this. Most of the time when the police is not there the vehichles move faster and when the police is there they just make the traffic jam worst. I really see no point disabling traffic lights and adding policemen. Sri lanka's technology is still in the old age and probably they can program the traffic lights based on traffic and giving access to megapolice to control it would be the most prudent decision. I am seriously sick of traffic . With all the threewheelers and bikes trying to catch the race makes me more frustrated.

8 Ways To Reduce Traffic In Colombo 4 years ago