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I am very disappointed with the services offered by Sponge - overall:
#1. You can not order a cake off the website for the same date as when the order was placed.

#2. The delivery guy DID NOT KNOW how to operate the EDC machine he was given to collect payments for orders to be paid with a credit card. He kept asking me why the machine was not working and when I requested him to call the company and ask he didn't seem too bothered, until I had to call them up myself. This lead to the company requesting me to hold the line while they could get to the bottom of this error. While I was on hold TO MAKE MATTERS WORST the delivery guy asked us to hold on to the EDC machine whilst he took off on another delivery expecting me to fix the matter myself.

#3 All in all I manged to get the machine working by restarting it (I had requested him to do this earlier on and he did not know how to restart the machine either) and manged to make the payment. He came back with my order and without even checking the receipt he took off not bothered to say thank you for fixing the problem.

Overall I was VERY DISAPPOINTED with this experience and it will be good to note this complaint (I have made it here since the website has not featured a functionality to make a written complaint) and educate the delivery guys on how to deal and fix problems like this without behaving disgracefully as the behavior I faced today.

Sponge 4 years ago