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Pot Biriyani

I don't really see what all this fuss is about. I ordered from them today just to see why everyone was arguing. It was not bad, really. Tasted good with adequate portion size. But is was not so super duper awesome as YAMU said either. Definitely not the best biriyani in SL. But its still very good value for money. I would recommend it & will try it again for sure.

Pot Biriyani 7 years ago


The Sizzle

I love this place! The food (main course) itself is nothing amazing, as far as the taste is concerned. But the whole experience - the ambiance, the service, the desserts, and the sizzling - takes it to another level. I always leave this place happy & full. And the desserts are just wow!

The Sizzle 7 years ago


English Cake Company

Come on YAMU! Only 4 stars!?! Granted, there are a few issues such as the lack of adequate seating. And the staff is not that well trained, but hey are always nice and willing to help - which is a lot more than I can say for most local places. But I'd give these guys 5 stars just for the food!!
I mean, really, have you ever had any cake in Colombo which even comes close to the sheer brilliance of theirs?
And for people who are complaining about the price, do you have any idea how much some of those ingredients cost? These prices are very reasonable, even bordering on cheap. Try buying cheesecake at the Hilton.

English Cake Company 7 years ago