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Roti Cafe by the Travelling KOMBI

Tried their Spicy Tuna Roti. Too much of chili for my liking. Also too oily; oil was dripping from the roti.

Roti Cafe by the Travelling KOMBI 3 months ago


Frego Steakhouse

We ordered a medium-rare New York Stripe Streak. But what we got was well-done. They took it back when we complained about it, but the second steak also turned out to be well-done. Then they brought a third one; this time it was more like barely rare, if not uncooked at all in the center. (even bit cold in the center).
We didn’t eat it because 1) the meat was really chewy and it was difficult to eat 2) we didn't want to get stomach bugs.
Anyways, the staff was very humble; they apologized for the trouble and didn’t charge for the steak.

Frego Steakhouse 1 year ago


Momo's by Ruvi

The hipster-dressed guy at the counter failed to bring a water bottle until I finished the meal! I mean, I was literally few feets away from him and he was roaming around the fridge full of water bottles all the time. In a way, it's understandable because he seems determined to play his circusy gimmick with each and every bottle for 10-15 seconds before he deliver them to nearby tables. Really? Is it don't you have any other time to practice your gimmicks other than the rush hours of your restaurant?
Terrible service; the food remains consistent with the earlier review though.

Momo's by Ruvi 1 year ago


Cakes & Bakes Restaurant

There are only 3 or 4 options of pasta on their menu, but the Chicken Penne with Basil Petro used to be quite good. This time, though, they suggested me to try the tomato sauce version (which isn't on the menu) and I was more than happy because I'm a tomato person. :P There is nothing to complain about the sauce, but the pasta was bit overcooked (which I don't mind much). But there wasn't literally a single piece of chicken in it! (no sign of minced chicken either).

Cakes & Bakes Restaurant 1 year ago